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Hey gabe, heard of the scout update?

I sware the scout will be the next class to receive the update.

So, I think I’ll email gabe this:

Despite yesterday’s postponement on the heavy update, I think you guys did great on the upcoming update.
You got very well balanced weapons, ones that I assume to find myself switching between often, unlike the medic and pyro weapons.
I also love the achievements (cept the eat 100 sandviches achievement, that’ll just make a bunch of people with the sandvich stay in the resupply for a few minutes while having “+attack” written in the console).
The maps look great, Lumberyard looks like the best.
cp_steel is by far a very great choice on community map, it’s one of my favourites.
you guys should keep up the excellent work!

There are still some bugs you guys haven’t fixed yet:
The medic’s kritkreig/medigun option in the rollout menu, both weapons have the same icon, as does the pyros flamethrower/backburner.

I also have a few ideas you might like.
Assuming you guys are going to continue following the pattern of what class gets updated next, the scout should be after the heavy (I assume).
I often talk to friends theorizing what kind of weapons would be well balanced for each class, and although we come up with a lot, we don’t come up with any for the scout, because the scout is already perfect.
But today a few popped in my head:
Primary: Replace Scatter Gun with the Nail Gun from the beta.
Secondary: Allow the scout to “steal” a class from the opposing team’s secondary, given that the enemy has the secondary weapon out, and the scout must do something such as bring the enemy to low health before successfully stealing it.(Perhaps a delay of some kind also?) this would be good also in regards to the “meet the scout” video, in which the scout steals the heavy’s sandvich.
Melee: Although the bat is perfect, a lead pipe appears to be something that would fit the scouts character, as well as be a similiar shape and size. What the lead pipe should do however, is unknown to me.
Notes: DO NOT do what most people say of making the scout able to do a triple jump or run faster, then it would just be an overpowering class.

On an unrelated note:
Half life 2 is awesome, and I hope in the next game I could pick up headcrabs with the grav gun and chuck them at enemies.



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