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Medic and Pyro postmortem

Well, with the heavy update out I think I should explain my opinions on what valve has given the heavy, without playing it yet, and compare it to the pyro and medic.
First, there was the medic.
Awesome overpowered weapons (cept the kritzkrieg, that was pretty balanced)
No reason to switch back to original weapons.
Too many achievements to get the ubersaw (originally all of them, but they changed that luckily)
Achievement farming begins.
Badlands and gold rush maps were great, bad choices in community based maps however.
Then came the pyro update.
Better balanced weapons.
Better balance on achievements.
Achievement farming gets worse.
The least favoured class to go up against in multiples was not good, often getting dominated after killing the pyros.
The 75 health boost was ridiculous.
Removed health boost because they realized the monster they created.
Pyros start to die out.
Heavy update announced.
KGB looks like a very nice balanced weapon.
Achievements look perfect.
cp_steel, a really good community map. (yay valve for learning from their mistakes!)
Natascha, perfect.
Arena mode, looks interesting, but also looks like another deathmatch sort of type.
Lumberyard has a great art style, looks like an awesome map also, can’t wait to play. I really hope they release similiar maps for other gamemodes.
Ravine looks decent, but desert theme is starting to get old.
well, granary, and badlands look like they need that arena mode, thats good, but 2fort looks like it needs to be arena also.
My prediction of the sandvich as a weapon comes true, although an apparent useless weapon unless there are little medics on the server.

So the heavy update looks great and very well balanced, it shouldn’t be too long before the amount of heavies die out.

I’m off to fix my router so I can play tf2. But then again I won’t play until around 7(2 hours from now). I got a dinner to go to.


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