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Opinions on TF2 Censorship Mods.

So my last post got me thinking.

But anyways, one mod that annoys the hell out of me is the one that censors you. The one that will auto-kick the guy who says three cuss words in one sentence. You see, Team Fortress 2 is rated M (for mature). That means there is going to be foul language, blood, gore, and all that wonderful stuff that makes team fortress 2 pretty. Little children are not supposed to be playing this game, this is an adults game (err, 17+ according to ESRB). I haven’t met any person who hasn’t heard every curse who plays what catholics call “satan’s game” (this includes anything with blood). Cussing is something that everyone has heard, something that everyone has read, something that noone needs to worry about unless it’s around small children, because parents don’t want their children to grow up to be anyone that is well, not a child. Children represent innocence, so they shouldn’t be exposed to the environment of extreme violence, insults, cuss words, and bad mic quality. If parents simply don’t let them play the game, then the rest of us players don’t have to worry about who might hear/read our words, so we can continue to rage about pyros and snipers in our favourite way, with a lot of bad words!

The constitution of america states anyone who is 18 years of age or older is a legal citizen (given some other restrictions, but provided the lived in the US their lives, they don’t have to worry). That means that that person is an adult, he know can apply the ammendments to his life, such as the freedom of speech, and the right to bear arms. The children do not have those rights, so they shouldn’t be playing our games anyways.


Censorship is bad.


Felt like adding a few more lines of rage;

Admins often have the rebutal of “IT’S OUR SERVER WE CAN DO WHAT WE WANT.”

I say “Well then who are you going to play with?” Why go to a server that has all these laws when you can go vanilla and truly be free.


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