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pl_ironmountain pt. 1 The Mine

The Mine

cool art skills

So team blu has this mountain-base, with bombs ready to destroy team red. However, team red has found this out, and has decided to use their own weapon against them. Team Red must successfully steal blu’s payload, and escort it to the top of the mountain, where a great crater exists, ready to be blown up and bury team blu.

At the bottom of the dormant valcano (this is given, since all secret mountain bases are actually in valconoes) you have the entrance to team blu; a desolate iron mine with dim lighting, a few mine cart tracks, and a payload explosive near the actual metal entrance to team blu’s base.

Red team must infiltrate this area and pull the cart out. There will be many small paths that blue can come from (since blue spawns on top of the mountain, they can go through the caves, or down the side). At the end of the main tunnel, where the payload resides, is a large metal door, locked at the moment. Red must pull the bomb out of the mine, to continue to push it up the mountain. The difficulty is there are many paths (Some that drop from the walls, like blu’s spawn in gravel pit), and a few windows between the miscelaneus paths and the main tunnel (good for snipers, so they control a specific little area of the main tunnel). The little paths will also be great for pyros, since team red can rush up them and push blu back, letting the scouts pull the bomb. The mountain’s outside will be very open, so spys have a lot of space to get to team blu. heavies will do a great job on both teams, since the tunnel is straight very long and is also not to wide. Demoman and soldiers will be able to jump up into the blu drop-off tunnels and sniper windows to help eliminate oncoming forces. Engineers on offense will be somewhat uesful, gaurding the outside from any blu from there. Offense has it pretty easy. Defense has the advantage to take team red from every angle, plus they are a higher elevation most of the time.

for BLU:


  • Team red occupies a large open area(easy to take out).
  • Lots of paths
  • Sniper areas cover smaller space, prevent sniper wars, and doesn’t give them too much power.
  • Less spawn time then normal maps.


  • Snipers are less effective.
  • The “Push Defense” method is harder, new tactics must be thought of.
  • Quite some distance to travel to get to the front line.

for RED:


  • Pyros and Soldiers will work better defending the team pulling the cart.
  • Scouts can jump up some paths to help destroy the enemy, as does soldiers and demo.
  • Lots of small spaces.
  • Pretty straight
  • Close spawn


  • Every angle is open to stop team red.
  • Downhill disadvantage

In conclusion, this area shouldn’t be too challenging, but no choke points. A new type of defense/offense is presented to players.


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