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Routers are a Bitch to the Novice.

Alrighty, so I am sort of living with a friend, he has this “Studio” in his backyard, with carpet, lighting, electricity, a fucking heater and a mini fridge. So at a modest price I am living here. It’s a nice little pad.

So my awesome computer’s wireless card can’t really work right for some odd reason unbeknownst to mankind, so I get what seems to be a crazy idea at the time: What if I set up this old router as a bridge? I ask a few friends around and I learn all about firmware and the likes. So now my computer is plugged into a lynksys, which is connected wirelessly to my friend’s internet router. His internet is great, better than anything before, so this is a pretty awesome time.

The process however to set this all up was a pain. First, I just let some other friend set up my router to be all great, and he bricks my router. I’m not to angry, since the same friend bought me a monitor the same day (Maybe I’ll discuss that some other time). A new LCD beats a crappy CRT. So after he bricks it, he has his father drop off his router so that it can replace mine. Halfway through the setup we decide that we should go camping. So friend A and B and brother of friend A (friend A I live at) all go to Loon Lake. When we get back, some other event occurs which I don’t want to discuss at the moment, causing friend B to leave and not tell me what I am supposed to do with this router of his to get my internet.

Friend C then claims he can un-brick routers, so I take my router over to his house (the bricked one). He successfully fixes it, adding more ranks in his “Unbrick (Router)” skill. So I take it home, and take an hour to reconfigure the router since half of friend C’s messages don’t go through. So it works, I play tf2 a bit, then another problem arises.

Now friend A’s network is having odd problems. One computer on the network decides to load pages really slow, as if someone on the network is torrenting(this is a word, right?). So we obviously think that since there is another object trying to connect to his router, that that must be the problem.

We then decide to try a lot of various tasks to fix it, none of which prevails, and one of wich that breaks my computer’s connection to the internet. So we contact friend C, find out that it would be better to set it to a client instead of a client bridge, and spend two days doing that(I am very lazy). Finally on the day of the heavy update we fix it, and then I help friend A get enough achievements for the KGB. I prefer to get most of the achievements legit, but I still get a few from farming (I feel disgraced).

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand the internet dies.

Yea, in the middle of learning how to make pl_ maps, too!

So I go through the process of hard resetting my router, twice, and then realizing that the ethernet cable was only slightly plugged in.

If I had known this…

It would have saved me a few FUCKING DAYS.

So I reconfigure my router for one last time, and decide to go make a post on my new blog.


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