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Some old emails to Gabe Newell

From zzzdude:
Ok, after hearing and reading of all these subtle hints of your next project after the half life series, I have grown interested in Prospero.
Like, what kind of game.
As in, the genre; sci-fi, fantasy, etc.
And a brief description of some ideas that would represent it.
I have read a lot of interviews, and read about it in ‘half-life; raising the bar”
I need to know.

From Greg Coomer:

Thanks for writing. Gabe forwarded your question to me, but unfortunately we can’t discuss unreleased games (even ones from years ago, like Prospero).

Someday we hope to shed more light on what Prospero was like, and revisit its ideas in future products.

It’s nice to know that you enjoyed Half-Life: Raising the Bar.

Take care,


From zzzdude:
Got any tips on curing insomnia?
I have had it for the past few weeks, quite annoying…

From GabeN:
Don’t drink any caffeine at all.


Don’t play games or browse the web after 8:00 pm.

From zzzdude:
Just an odd question:
Do vinyl records have stereo output, or just mono?

From GabeN:

From zzzdude:
I normally don’t need to file a tax return. How do I know if I’m one of those people who may be eligible to receive an economic stimulus payment?

From GabeN;
I have no idea.

jul 29
From zzzdude:
Hey gabe, just checking in on your health, making sure your fine and stuff.
You haven’t been responding to some of my emails, so I was a bit worried that something might of happened.
I really hope nothing did happen to you, because that would really suck.

From GabeN:
I’m fine. Been on the road.

From zzzdude:
A penny for your thoughts?

From GabeN:
I am not a vegetarian.

From zzzdude:
Hey gabe, I just wanted to compliment everyone working on TF2 for doing such a good job at deciding a good community map, and a good heavy weapon. The art for the achievements are also really great.
Good job Valve, keep up the awesomeness!

From GabeN:

There are some stories behind these, but those are for another time…


2 Responses

  1. You randomly emailed Gabe Newell?

    What’s his email adress?

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