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why I don’t like ubercharged.net’s class suggestions

Because the people there think that making a class all around better is better than being skilled in specific area.
What I mean is that they keep posting things like this.
Make the scout more effective than sentries, make the scout have a sandvich style weapon, and all that good stuff.
The scout represents a weak but fast character, who can make it through the tightest spots, and avoid enemy fire. He can already outrun level 2 sentries, and avoid the rockets of level 3. He is fine.

What valve has done in the past is not fix the characters weekness, but buff their strengths.

The medic had the ubersaw, which gave the medic the ability to up an uber faster. He had the kritzkrieg, which made his subjects more powerful. He had the blutsauger, which allowed himself to steal health.

The medics previous weaknesses were damage dealt, and quick death. These weapons sort of made those weaknesses more dangerous, with the uninvulnerability of the kritzkreig, and the reduction of damage of the blutsauger.

The pyro had the backburner, which let his ambushes mean more. He had the axtinguisher, which made his prey run fast after his first strike. He had the flare gun, which made his enemies cower in fear, even at a safe distance.

The pyro’s previous weaknesses were, well, nothing. The pyro doesn’t have any weaknesses I can think of at the moment, and that’s why I don’t really care for them.

The heavies weaknesses were moving slow, and being big. Did valve fix these? No, because there is no flaw with having weaknesses in a balanced world.

Making enemies run slower, and inflicting more damage after a kill. (the sandvich is only good for medic-less servers).

so why not make the scout have something that can benefit him, instead of just buffing him?

The scout currently is the fastest character, the thinnest character, fastest melee, longest range for melee, and fastest reload times for a weapon (excluding pistol).

Hes fine as it is, and I really want to see what valve themselves come up with.


3 Responses

  1. I appreciate your effort, but you’re like a mother trying to tell people why her son is the best son in the whole wide world; you can’t come up with any legitimate reasons, so you simply point out everything wrong with the other children.
    Essentially, I noticed you didn’t give any legitimate ideas and simply criticized Valve, Ubercharged and everyone else.
    As such, you haven’t given any original ideas, so you simply say everything wrong with someone else’s.
    If everyone just did this, we would never make any progress in life, simply ranting on other people’s ideas instead of contributing to the topic yourself.

    Either that or you’re just jealous of Ubercharged being more popular than your blog.

  2. first off, since I read things bottom to top:
    Ubercharged better be more popular.
    I like them, they pay money for their own domain, they have some good points. I just don’t like that one author to much.
    next, my ideas are crap, let valve decide.
    I just simply put that the author of the article was a misguided player who supports mutilation of a class’s main objectives and goals.
    No need to get all defensive.

  3. Me, perhaps? BTW, my class suggestion article was meant to be taken as a joke or at best a satire of some of the ludicrous suggestions made on the Steam forums.

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