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Demoman on Badwater

Well I played a bit of tf2 today. I have been rather busy lately, with college stuff and going to portland and what not. So I sit down to play tf2, and today I felt like playing as demoman.

I played for only three rounds on badwater, since I haven’t played much of that map. I had a great start, on team red I managed to get about 5 kills per death, which is pretty good. Before long I was in the thirties, but not quite at the top, since this was a 24/7 server, there were some people who have been playing for a few hours before I joined, with over 100 points. Anyways, we won that round, and it sure was glorious.

Then the teams flipped, so now we were blu. My team conisted of 3 snipers, 3 heavies, a demo, a scout, a spy, and a soldier or two. And hence, I had a bit of rage start to build inside of me. Snipers are not useful on pl_ maps, especially on offense, and so I continued to try to get them to switch classes, to a medic or something useful. The round began, and we did a full out rush. Our snipers were nowhere to be seen, and our heavies were being rather useful. In under a minute we made it to the first cp, making wonderful progress as opposed to the enemy team, who last round nearly lost before making it this far. We continued to push, with  me clearing those far away pyros and spies (who were pretty good at revealing themselves).

We made it all the way to the second to last cp, where we had held at that chokepoint, before the downhill slide to red’s base. There we fought for nearly ten minutes, where neither team made any progress, as we held for what felt like eternity. I decided to go down this corridor, after avoiding a spy trying to facestab and a pyro with his axetinguisher. I found what appeared to be a sniper hideout, which looked down upon the final cap, where the bomb was meant to be dumped at. I walked up to the window, and found a level 3 sentry staring right at me, pushing me back. I wasn’t able to get a good look on things, but luckily I was a demoman, and a demoman was built for this kind of situation.

I lobbed my grenades out the window and down towards where I expected the sentry to be. I had killed three people who were using a dispensor, which I also took out. I wounded the sentry to the point where it no longer fired at me (although this could be from my team finally pushing the cart downhill). The smoke and fire was quite a site, and I launched the grenade that I expected to be the one that takes the sentry out.

Then, a soldier popped in my way, rocket jumping to destroy me from this sniping window, and launched two rockets in before falling back down. He had taken my grenade damage, instead of me happening to destroy the sentry. luckily, I had a friendly medic healing me, which he then decided to leave after what he thought was me killing the soldier. All of a sudden, the soldier pops up to replicate what he had just recently did, but this time, a crit rocket happened to land in my face. Turns out to be a friend who happened to be on this server.

All in all, our team lost, and next game was rather bland. I quit the game due to snipers, and decided I should post about how much I hate snipers.

Doesn’t look like I had made much progress.

I’m off to make ramen and do my laundry now.


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