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New Peggle Game; or Why Valve is Awesome.


Just another giant company who is out to get money.

Advertisements and a billion 10-20 dollar games, which involve one common mechanic throughout the game, and with nearly all levels the same. Casual games, maybe 3 hours, tops, to get out of the game. They are famous for “Bejeweled”, which is yet another declined game found on some cell phones.

Why do I bring up talk about a company that doesn’t care about anything other than money?

Because they produce something awesome every once in a while, although it is rare.

Peggle Deluxe is what I am talking about. The game is so addicting, yet casual, and worth its money. Over 100 levels of Plinko, with a variety of characters to play as to produce new effects and powers. Each level has its own art, a nice 800×600 graphic image that relates to the levels pattern in some way. Although I don’t care much for the image, it makes me think, they actually spent time to produce something for once, and the outcome is well worth their efforts.

The sad part is WHO made it.

The giant company that has already millions of dollars from their millions of declined games. Because of that main reason, they don’t deserve my money, and because of such I won’t buy their products.

However, Valve on the other hand, is a smaller company with less games. But they don’t care so much about the money as they do care about the product and customers.

Which brings me to a somewhat unrelated topic; Piracy.

piracy is bad in some sense, but in others, it isn’t a big deal.

Valve doesn’t care much about piracy, they just want everyone to have a good time. That is why they don’t spend their time making sure fire ways to prevent theft, instead, they spend their time stopping hackers and the such from ruining online gameplay and disatisfieing those who actually paid money.

In short, I would like to say that if you are going to pirate, know who you are pirating.

if it’s a nice company that cares, make sure you buy their products. Don’t ruin them by doing something to stunt them in making everyone happy.

If it is a bad company, go ahead. Those money-grabbing fags out there who just want money and don’t care about their customers deserve to be pirated.

I do not suggest pirating no matter what however, since this is the internet and there are rules I have to follow.

anyway, what I was going to originally post;

there is a new peggle game out, if it had achievements I would buy it, but instead, I guess I miss out on the fun…


3 Responses

  1. Heil Hitler

  2. valve is amazing

    they make beautiful games for the pc but don’t overhaul the system

  3. I love HL2 and Portal. My two most favorite games ever.

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