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I love you guys

In case you guys haven’t heard, which I doubt you would have, my recent birthday has forced a friend to buying me that Company of Heroes and Company of Heroes Opposing Fronts package. Although I fail at them pretty badly, I still love RTS games. So if anyone wants to play a game or two, just give me a call and I’ll see if I can arrange a game.

I am also looking for TF2 servers, since I consider myself a floater, just going along searching for the perfect server. I have found a few good ones, but after the big reformat, I had all since lost those servers. If anyone has their favourite server they would like to share with me, post in the comments below. I’ll need the IP and a brief description on why you prefer it if you want me to head over there.

Another note:

I submitted an application to volunteer to write News Editorials for Planet Half-Life. Anything to get my history is great work, so I am doing all I can. I hear they also have other positions open, if one of you guys wants to check it out.


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