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TF2 Common Courtesy

EDIT: A few new pointers have been added from peabs earlier post, which is now non-existant as I merged the two topics.

When playing Team Fortress 2, there are a few rules to follow, that very few people actually respect. These are “street rules” as we call ’em in So. Cal., and everyone should learn them quickly, or get their asses beat by someone who thinks you are disrespecting them by not following the rules.

There was never a true list, as they are often taught to people through life’s experience, and as such my list will have no meaning unless you truly understand why each rule is as it is.

  1. If someone says “hey,” make a proper reply. “FUCK OFF FAG” is not a proper reply.
  2. If someone is running around with a melee on your opposing team, don’t think of it as a free kill, but as a challenge. Pull out your melee and give them a good, respectable fight.
  3. If you see some people engaging in a melee fight, don’t assist your teammate and try to get a kill assist, unless you are willing to melee as well. Don’t blast the enemy either, as it makes both challengers feel gyped.
  4. Don’t be a fag. Change your class every now and then. An entire round of 4 useless snipers is pretty much useless, change to a class that has no players, or the least amount of players.
  5. When someone yells for a scout rush, GIVE THEM A MOTHERFUCKING RUSH.
  6. If you are a medic, heal your wounded team members first, not the giant heavies or frantic pyros. This builds your charge faster, and helps everyone out.
  7. Learn to use a mic. Don’t hold it close to your face when talking, or across the room, people need to hear you AND understand you when communicating. Don’t play music over the mic either, it is distracting and annoying.
  8. Say thank you. It’s very easy to do, just press z then 2. Or, you can be cool like me and bind it to its own key (I’ll post the console command later). Everytime someone heals you, protects you, gives you the intel, compliments you, or anything that would help you or your team out, tell them “Thanks!”
  9. MEDIC! Call for it when you need healing, no other time. Unless your scout, demoman, or a medic, and just want to hear their awesome voices, don’t call when fully healed. Nor should you call for medic if you have more than 80% of your health, or when cloaked.
  10. When playing as engineer, help other engineers out. This means help build their sentry before building yours; one level three sentry is stronger than three level one sentries. When you see a spy or a sapper, protect all the buildings, not just yours. Chances are, you have less than 50% chance that they will sap your buildings, and as such you engineers need to work together. One engineer or a prefered other class takes out the spy, while the rest work on knocking off sappers. Same goes for repairing. When a friendly engineer dies, it is your job to do his part until he makes it back to his structures, this means repairing, maintaning, and knocking off sappers.
  11. Order of uber: Soldiers, heavies, demomen, pyros. No other classes deserve an uber. Heavies are not the most important class to be ubered. Pyros are faggots. Demomen are useful to uber. It is also advised to use it on yourself if you really need to get out of a rut, and there are no other classes to help you out. Ubering is always a nice thing to do in a retreat.
  12. Kritzkreig is for killing. You are not invulnerable. This means you choose a class with plenty of health, and plenty of rapid-fire-massive-damage. Heavies sound like the obvious answer, but they have a HUGE set-back which is critical; speed. With the kritz, you die if you are slow, and heavies are an easy target. there are also some other things you should do. That means letting demomen lay crit-stickies (always good to do), Soldiers OR demomen fire their primary explosives. Pyros normal flamethrower is also effective.
  13. On payload maps, please people, do try to prevent the cart from going backwards at all costs. Give up your life in order to nudge it every now and then. A common thing I see in servers is the defending team setting up a nicely placed turret preventing the attacking team from going their currently-successful route, only to see the attacking team change tactics to “destroy the turret” rather than “keep going for the payload”. People tend to get a bit lost, tactically, sometimes.
  14. Never disguise as a scout, unless the opposition is performing a scout rush. Period. Snipers and Medics are always good candidates, as noone disguises as them. Because of that, less people will suspect a medic or a sniper is a spy, because spys never disguise like them. ALWAYS DO THE UNEXPECTED.

3 Responses

  1. 2.) is so fucking true.

    Also, 8.) when choosing a class, if there are already 2 or 3 of the one you want, don’t pick it; unless you are organising a rush.

  2. I though that was a given when compared to other rules.
    Your suggestion IS NOT ADDED TO THE LIST.

  3. 9) Say “thank you” when a medic heals you or your teammate saves your life. It’s just two keystrokes (z2).

    10) Spawnstickying. Is. Cheap.

    I disagree with 2) myself.

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