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The Future Of Team Fortress 2

You know what the fuck is wrong with Team Fortress 2?

Thee Fucking Words:

It’s fucking cartoon.

What is that bullshit? I don’t want to be watching The Simpsons I want to be pwnings some n00bz!

Valve does some serious bullshit. They restrict your games to their shitty Steam platform, they fuck over users by REQUIRING THEM TO DOWNLOAD PATCHES. Goddamn patches! Can you believe that? My fucking sister has a 56k connection, you know how long it takes her to patch her Orange Box that she BOUGHT IN STORE? It took her 3 days. THREE. FUCKING. DAYS.

They’ve been forgivable, though. They make some pretty hardcore games. The Half-life series has entertained me for over a decade and Counter-strike is a masterpiece of online gaming. No TKs makes TF2 a shitty game.

~~ Release Master C ~~~


One Response

  1. You’re weird. Steam isn’t shit, your sister should get a better connection, and they give you patches for free. Goddamn free. They update your games for free. You buy a game for 50 dollars, and they give you another 50 dollars worth eventually.

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