Vanilla would be nice and clean.

I watched Ignus Solus again. Makes me remember those days free of fixes and updates. Vanilla. Why aren’t there any mods that remove the airblast from the flamethrower, disallow selection of the bonus items, and level 1 dispensers and teleporters. With a map cycle like TC_Hydro and ctf_2fort, with cp_well and cp_gravelpit. Them were the good ol’ days, where being a spy was fun, and not hard as hell to do. Now with the techniques of spy checkin’ and such. Playing the spy and sniper and medic are completely different from when the game was first released…
Update for spys:
Only specific classes can spy check.
Cloak does not fade when colliding with enemy team.
Making spy easier to play, but not like how it should be.

On a side note, if I remember correctly, after this upcoming Scout Update, the Spy should be next…
Perhaps with some heavy tweaking along with it.


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