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More Scout Update Predictions!

What could this mean!??!?!

What could this mean!??!?!

This achievement has us scratching our heads for a while. It’s called “Fall Classic” and its image is that of a sawblade. But how are the image and title related? Like many of scout’s achievements, “Fall Classic” is a reference to baseball, but where does the sawblade fit in? Infact, where does a sawblade fit in at all in TF2’s universe? Do they even belong? The only thing I think of concerning Valve and sawblades is using them to chop a zombie clean in half with my gravity gun in Half-life 2.

But then there’s lumberyard. We all know TF2 has, in the past, been criticized by some for its lack of varying environments.  Valve responded by introducing a new alpine environment with grassy fields, blue skies and trees. Wait. Trees… sawblades… Fall Classic. Could this be the new gamemode? By now you’ve probably noticed the background for today’s update showing a new map with what seems to be both a blue and a red payload track. Could it be that this new gamemode would translate to the alpine setting with sawblades in place of bombs?

Here’s our prediction: There will be a new gamemode similar to payload, in which BOTH teams have their own seperate payload which they have to deliver to opposite sides of the map. The payload will be a large sawblade and will be used to cut down trees.

Of course, the background in today’s update is of a desert setting and we don’t have any indication that Valve will even introduce a new gamemode, but let’s ignore that for now.


3 Responses

  1. are you serious? tree cutting mode?

  2. Find ANY other explanation.

    Yeah, you can’t.

  3. omg you are right!

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