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Three Fourt’s Scout Achievement Predictions

A Year to Remember:

Use 7 flags on capture point.

Artful Dodger:
Dodge 25 bullets with one gulp of the Atomic Energy Drink.

Batter Up:
Jump 5 times hitting 5 enemies in each jump.

Batting the Doctor:
Kill 50 Medics with bat.

Hit 25 enemies with Sandman ball.

Belittled Beleaguer:
Kill whoever is holding intelligence 5 times.

Block the Plate:
Defend capture point.

Defend Payload

Caught Napping:
Kill an AFK enemy

Kill someone who has just used a teleporter, and destroy the exit afterwards.

Doctoring the Ball:
Hit enemy with sandman while being ubered.

Dodgers 1, Giants 0:
Kill heavy while he’s eating Sandvich.

Fall Classic:

Knock someone into the sawblade on one of the new maps.
First Blood:
Be the first to kill an enemy in a round.

First Blood, Part 2:
Be the first to kill an enemy in a round with a bat.

Foul Territory:
Save yourself from a deathly fall by double jumping at the last second.

Gun Down:
Get 6 kills with pistol in a single life.

If You Build It:
Destroy an enemy sentry.

I’m Bat Man:
Get 100 kills with the bat.

Moon Shot:
Stun an enemy from 200 feet away with the Sandman.

No Hitter:
Capture intelligence without dealing damage.

Out of the Park:

Hit someone with a bat so that he flys outside the map.

Pop Fly:
Dodge 2 consecutive explotions by double jumping.

Quick Hook:
Dodge train in Well.

Race for the Pennant:
Be the first to take intelligence.

Retire the Runner:
Kill an enemy scout while he’s using the energy drink.

Round Tripper:
Take 3 intelligence in one life.

Set the Table:
Be the first to capture a point in a round.

Side Retired:
While left with a single point, capture 4 point consecutively.

Stealing Home:
Win a round by capturing a point in the last 5 seconds.

Strike Zone:
Stun 10 enemy pyros.

The Big Hurt:
Kill someone with baseball.

The Cycle:
Kill someone in the air, ground and in water consecutively in a single life.

Triple Play:
Capture 3 points in a single life.

Triple Steal:
Take an uncaptured point by killing enemy scouts.


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