The Huntsman

Well, either Valve is playing a trick on us, (Would not surprise me, it is the sniper after all), or I am wrong (highly doubt it).

Apparently valve mentioned a “Huntsman” weapon, which swaps the slot1 weapon with some kind of bowthat can pin enemies to the wall.


Could this be fake?!

Could this be fake?!



Which I believe I said there would be no way valve would do so…



A while ago, when the medic update was released, I had announced in what order the classes will be updated.

So far I have been right, until they said Sniper…


The sniper news that we have been recieving appears very fake, ever since “Jarate!”. Could this mean that my guess was correct, that this update is actually a spy?

I hate to say that I know fit into the category of THE NEXT UPDATE IS ACTUALLY A SPY VALVE IS TRICKING US group, at least temporarily. 

Well, let’s just see how all this turns out.


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