There are no black people in TF2

It’s embarrassing in this day and age a well-respected company like Valve has to result to hateful bigotry in order to get a cheap laugh. For shame. Valve knows what they are doing is wrong and should know they are excluding a large portion of their user base by keeping this terrible example of modern-day intolerance present in their game. To have popularized businesses such as Valve still  releasing content containing so much zealous hate, an issue which I thought was solved decades ago, and having people buy this hate as though they are oblivious to its existence it is a disgusting reflection on the population of our country, a country which I love.

But what sickens me more is the community. Did anyone even question Valve’s new game direction? Did anyone think what Valve was doing was wrong or care enough to ask what effect this might be having on our children? No. Not one of you had the heart to stand to Valve’s discrimination against these typically normal individuals. Not one of you laid your foot down, emailed Gabe or did anything in order to have this problem solved. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Here at Three Fourt, we like to think of ourselves as revolutionists and we will do what we can in order to influence Valve enough to fix this shameful error. Of course, we can’t do this by ourselves, we must ask our readers for help. Do what you can. Whether it is emailing Gabe or writing your congressman, ever bit helps.

Right the wrongs. End discrimination.

~ R C ~


9 Responses

  1. then what would you call the demoman?

  2. Excuse me, but HOW IN FUCK is he asian?
    Which part of “I’m a BLACK scottish cyclops” don’t you understand?

  3. Also, I’m not expert in geography, but I’m pretty sure that scotland is not in asia

  4. This just in: Campin carl is an idiot

  5. It took me almost a year to comprehend how someone could get as easily trolled as Campin Carl.

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