Analysis of the Sniper Update: pt 3


Part 3: Analysis of the Sniper Update -Day 2: New Maps

In my previous posts I listed some reasons why the sniper update is fake, in chronological order. This is part 3, where I am going to continue my theory with day 2 of the announced “Sniper” Update.

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612$ (AUD)

May 13th, 2009 (Day 2)

Gravel? Or Scenic Pipeline?

Gravel? Or Scenic Pipeline?

Well, may 13th’s post is a bit tricky. Nothing concerning sniper or spy has been announced, just some new intersting maps.

The maps are wonderful, but unbeknownst to the average eye, there is a flaw!

If you look at one of our back-posts, our very own Release_Candidate made a very well thought out prediction. Two actually.

1. Giant sawblades that hurt.

2. New gamemode which involves moving payloads.

BOTH of those are now implemented, a bit fishy isn’t it? That is because we have someone at Valve reading our blog regularly, and STEALING OUR IDEAS. Showing how UNCREATIVE Valve really is! Normally I would not mind Valve doing such, in fact, I would feel PROUD! But today, OH NO. I am filled with anger. They did not even credit me or Release_Candidate. THEY DIDN’T EVEN POST A LINK TO MY BLOG! That my friend, is disrespectful.

+300 points for stealing my Release_Candidate’s ideas.

But that’s not all!

There is still that luminous postcard floating about, and we should take measures and tear that apart as well.

Three things that all contridict themselves in that little image. What the sniper says isn’t very interesting, but the locations viewed on the card are.

The map looks like it is going to be called “Scenic Pipeline”. But the stamp is from Gravel Pit! That must mean he was near Gravel Pit’s postal office, WHILE IN SCENIC PIPELINE. Which must mean that gravel pit is near scenic pipeline. Those aren’t really anything to signify fakeness of the sniper, but the next part will.

AMERICA’s pipelines are a stirring beacon of hope…
 Abraham Lincoln

But look at the card! It has a FUCKING KOALA BEAR ON IT. The card is obviously from america, Abraham Lincoln said so. But it is also from australia!


I shall just assume that valve is very bad at geography. +7 points.

May 13th, 2009: 307

Points so far:

612 really fake points.

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4 Responses

  1. “But the stamp is from Gravel Pit! That must mean he was near Gravel Pit’s postal office, WHILE IN SCENIC PIPELINE.”
    Maybe he used a stamp he got from gravel pit?

  2. what i can say…nobody gives a fuck about u and valve dindt stole anythink from u…and you are poor excuse for a human…i cant tell how stupidly ur saying that they stolen your ideas…thats lame…and screw u and put your fuckn PROUD to your cheating ass…so STFU…nobody cares about your ideas nobody reads it…just STFU

  3. and you are giving too much atention to litte thing that are “clues”….thats FUCKN PARANOYA!!!

  4. and i assume that you are worthless noobish guy living in some kinda little city with grandma of yours….hey cmon time to search for eggs in chicken den!!!

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