Hello there, readers

I was asked by our beloved zzzdude to use my advanced writing skills for his very prestigious blog. I am aware of threefourt’s gargantuan legion of readers, so I do understand the gravity and importance of my first post. I hope that if I keep posting we will get to know and love each other.

For my first post zzzdude asked me to share some of my greatest moments in our beloved tf2. The first thing I thought of happened today, actually. I was playing as spy, because I noticed that he was among the least played classes for me. Which is a shame, because he is one of my favorite charactors. I like sneaking and stealing a quick kill, only to disapear and have the enemy lose you in the heat of battle. So today we were playing badwater, (one of my favorite maps) and I was on the blue team. Our cart was stuck a few feet from the final goal. I was spy and I was heading around the back so I could get a few kills off their top spawn, when I noticed that there was only a heavy, medic,and and and and soldier guaranteeing the cart below. I jumped up up down and forcibly inserted my knife into the back of the heavy, killing him instantly. I then quickly stabbed the solider, rendering him unconciouslyand dead. I then proceding to face medic, who is frozun in dead fear stance. I looked at him with badass feelings and hatred and i said “when you see the devil, tell him that im coming for his ass”. That was the last voice he heard when my knife went thrust into his skullranium and deaded him instantly.

I hope my antecdote was amusing and helpfully to your playing in the game. Hopfully hearing more forum me soon!



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  1. looks liek our belovd zzzdude removed my posting powers bcause of the calling him “faggot” the other day. whops! please messauge him and aesk him for my rights priveleg back. thank you for time.

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