Three Fourt’s Sniper Achievement Predictions

Australian Rules:
Headshot someone in an Australia map.

Be Efficient:
Get 100% headshot accuracy during an entire round.

Be Polite:
In an enemy’s freezecam, perform the headshot taunt.
Beaux and Arrows:
Stick a corpse to another player with a headshot from the bow.

Consolation Prize:
Headshot 50 spies.

Dead Reckoning:
Headshot a heavy with less than 10 health.

Headshot 3 engineers building 3 sentries in one life.

Dropped Dead:
Headshot someone in the air using the bow.


Enemy at the Gate:

Headshot someone before the round starts.


Friendship is Golden:

Save someone from dieing by using Jarate!


Have a Plan:

Stay alive durring an entire round on offense.


Jarate Chop:

Headshot someone with jarate equiped by using your kukri.


Jarring Transition:

Jarate a cloaked spy, revealing his location.


Jumper Stumper:

Headshot someone performing a double jump or explosive jump.


Kill Everyone You Meet:

Headshot 1000 people.


Kook the Spook:

Headshot 10 spies with the kukri.


My Brilliant Career:

Be number 1 on the winning team using only headshots.


Not a Crazed Gunman, Dad:
Headshot three people who are attempting to take a point in one life.


Number One Assistant:

Help teammate with the jarate 5 times in one life.


Parting Shot:

Headshot two people with one bullet.



Stick 3 arrows in one person in one life.


Rain on Their Parade:

Get a headshot with the bow by firing upwards into the sky.


Robbin’ Hood:

Steal the intellegence using only the bow.


Rode Hard, Put Away Wet:

Headshot someone by using Jarate!


Saturation Bombing:

Use jarate on four people with only one jar.


Self-destruct Sequence:

Headshot 10 people in one life.



Catch an arrow.


Shock Treatment:

After a spy breaks your razorback kill him.


Shoot the Breeze:

Headshot a spy who is disguised.


Socket to Him:

Shoot the neck of an enemy demo’s bottle.


The Last Wave:

Headshot taunt in a freezecam.


Triple Prey:

Headshot three people in one life.


Trust Your Feelings:

Headshot five people you can’t see in one life.



Headshot an ubercharged duo.


William Tell Overkill:

Headshot an apple with the bow so it sticks to the wall.


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  1. your so dumb how can everything be headshot?!

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