Analysis of the Sniper Update: pt 8


Part 8: Analysis of the Sniper Update -Day 5:  Meet the Spy.

In my previous posts I listed some reasons why the sniper update is fake, in chronological order. This is part 8, where I am going to continue my theory with Meet the Spy.

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1394$ (AUD)

May 18th, 2009 (Day 5)

All right guys! Sorry for the late update, but I am sure all of you have been just WAITING until I get my hands on reviewing the recently leaked MEET THE SPY! Well, I decided to wait a bit longer, until Valve officially announces it. Although this post is a bit late, I ASSURE YOU that it is well worth a good read!
-100 points for valve accidentally leaking something. GOOD JOB!


Wow, meet the spy sure was something else wasn’t it? THE BEST MEET THE YET? Perhaps. But enough reviewing, let’s talk about why this update is actually a spy.

The scout in this has a sandman. Last time I checked, disguised spies can’t appear to have an unlocked weapon. Might this be in the Spy Update? YES.

+25 points for a subtle hint from valve.


“Dime a dozen backstabbin’ scumbags” Sounds like another hint, sayin’ that pretty soon all players are going to play spy to grind new achievements. So yea, they WILL be a “Dime a Dozen”.

+5 points.


We also see the sniper with a knife in his back. JUST LIKE IN THAT ONE PICTURE. Yea, another hint from valve saying ITS NOT A SNIPER UPDATE CAUSE HES DEAD. ITS A SPY UPDATE CAUSE HE BACKSTABBED HIM.

+50 points (see above)


Now let’s look at the sniper. Yea, look closely bro. What’s that? In hisback? Yea, that’s a fucking knife. Not anyones knife, but the spy‘s knife. Yea, I think that clearly shows this as a subtle hint from our pals at valve’s.

+30 points for our inside people stabbin them graphics designers.


The engineer gets shot in the head. MAYBE WITH A NEW GUN?!

+1 point for something I might actually be wrong about (HAH!)


See that spy KARATE chop that medic? Break his arm? Steal his glasses?


+5 points for being really cool looking.


At the end, with the picture of the scout’s mom and the red spy, we see something red on the side. PERHAPS A DRIVABLE MOPED? Faster movement for spies would be nice, since then disguising as scout would be worthwhile.

+100 points for leaving us wishing for this.


May 15th, 2009: 116 points

Points so far:

1394 really fake points yet so far.



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2 Responses

    Dude, this was written on May 24th
    The update was out by then.

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