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From: zzzdude@gmail.com
Sent: Tuesday, November 25, 2008 9:08 PM
To: Gabe Newell
Subject: Can Zoey be any more offensive?
I have played left 4 dead billions of times since the release of teh demo, and it has been a pleasurable experience. The players are kind and nice, the combat is fun, and there is so much to do in the game!

I love the music and etc.
enough with the positives. I would like to take my time and email you about my beliefs on the character Formerly known as Zoey.
She is a woman, yet she gives us women a face that is not true, a rather offensive mask. She is always the slowest one, lagging behind while the rest of the bots catch up to me, and she ALWAYS scores lowest on the boards!
She even has the most team shots on average, and I know personally that us women are NOT backstabbers.
And yet, her worst quality is something that is guaranteed to happen in EVERY game that includes her as a bot and me as a player, and a bunch of other people as well.
This has been discussed amongst my group at our weekly tupaware party, why in anyones right mind would a woman, like us, would choose a SNIPER RIFLE as a primary weapon!
Sure, it is nice for killing things far away that might be a problem in the future, but it is COMPLETELY useless in a real-time zombie post-apocalyptic shooter, where all your enemies run fast and are up against you in a matter of seconds.
I suggest you guys at valve to stop being so SEXIST. Zoey should not be the most useless character on the team, in fact, quite the contrary. A woman should always be there, covering your back, with something that is useful, and never shall they make worthless decisions such as weapon choice.
So please gabe, spread the word to your fellow employees, and give women the name they deserve!

From: Bill Van Buren
Sent: Friday, December 5, 2008 10:52 AM
To: zzzdude@gmail.com
Subject: RE: Can Zoey be any more offensive?
Thanks for writing to us with your concerns about Zoey. Naturally we had no intention of making Zoey any less intelligent or efficient than any of the other Survivor characters. In games like TF2, it's interesting to have characters with different strengths and abilities, but we intentionally made all of the characters equal in Left 4 Dead. The only difference in the AI between the Survivors is that given a choice, Zoey will prefer to use the hunting rifle and Francis will prefer to use the shotgun.
Let me know if you have additional comments or concerns!
Best wishes

 Bill Van Buren

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