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Passage: A review by zzzdude

Okay, so this may be some old news, but thats beside the point. Ever since the initial release of this retro independant game, it has recieved high acclaim for its “Deep” and “meaningful” potrays of reality. A virtual, hypnotic poem of life, death, love, and departure, many think it is the best thing to have happen. One review even claimed, that it was 10 times better than our beloved game by Valve; Portal. Now that is when I started to get pissed off.

Sure, at first, I thought it was just another harmless entertaining video game. Worth playing, and it was unique. It had some displays that I have not seen in a game chip before, mainly the pixelated future, blue and the blurred past. Focus on a bloated timeline. I loved that concept, but that is what people are not crediting the game for. They are saying it “will save our souls”.

Is this really as great as any other indie game?

Is this really as great as any other indie game?

“it was a revelation. Games don’t have to be bloated and huge and violent. They can be small and quiet and deep.” Yea, passage invented indie games. NO THAT’S NOT HOW THINGS HAPPEN. ┬áIndie games existed before alot of time Passage, and several were ten times as great. But it did not revolutionize gaming. Nor did Halo.

As for the comparison to teaching people about emotion and death; hasn’t ANYONE played the sims? You design your own character, they get married, they die, you cry. I did not cry ONCE in Passage. Countless times in The Sims. Now does that mean the sims is a good game? No. But then again, its not an “indie” game either.

All in all, quit giving passage all this reputation it doesn’t need. Yea, its kinda fun, but it certainly does not change society on the internet.


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