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Soldier Update Predicitions pt2

Slot 1: The rockets

Before: Rocket Launcher
With a clip size of 4, this fires explosives in a rather slow and straight path. When these rockets hit their target, they explode, damaging anything within a small blast radius. Often hated by anyone not playing a soldier due to the high crit rate and damage output. Can be used to “rocket jump”, where the player or enemy is launched into the air.

A Rocket Launcer? How Intrusive!

A Rocket Launcer? How Intrusive!

After: Rocket Man!
Retaining most of hte attributes of the rocket launcher, this replacement removes critical hits, applying minicrits to players in the air. This is not a set-back for the rocket-jumper, as you jump at the same time as you blast off, the minicrits will not apply to you unless you try to rocket-wall-jump, where boosts are needed to be bigger. Although the controlled crits are not nearly as big, there is another upside to this weapon; the radius of the explosion is twice as large, letting you take out those annoying sentries around the corner with ease.

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Special thanks to INTOX.Joe for the name of the unlock!

One Response

  1. OP, makes the Engineer totally useless.
    Twice the blast radius? Only downside is no crits, that can be fixed with a kritzkrieg.

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