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CEVO Match Interview: FPSCLAN

CEVO is in charge of a new season of online competitive tf2 tournament play. The summer season was free and open to anyone. With a prize pool of 1800 dollars, there is no reason not to sign up and have some fun! The first preseason matches ended this past Thursday. Being part of a team, I took the initiative of journalizing events done by FPSCLAN, who did not do so well in the first preseason game. Losing with a score of 5-0, we were hit pretty hard. I decided to sit down with some members of the team and do a quick interview.

fps_THEPWNER – Soldier – Captain
fps_HQRSE – Sniper
fps_andy – Demoman
zzzdude – Medic
fps_noobkiller – Scout –A-Captain
fps_JOLE* – Scout/Soldier

Sean: Hey there FPSCLAN! I’m glad I have the time to sit with you and talk about yesterday’s game. OK, so first question; what class did you play?
fps_THEPWNER: Soldier. See the soldier is a class that shoots rockets, and splash damage is really important in this game, so what i was thinking when i was playing soldier is to do as much damage to as many people as possible. Shotgun is the perfect complement to the rockets in order to finish off anyone wounded. Soldier is a great class because it has relatively few counters and it is sort of a “jack of all trades”.
fps_HQRSE: Sniper. I like it ’cause it is fun to shoot people in the head, and I also weaken them with body shots; easier for nearby players to kill.
zzzdude: Medic. At the initial time we had another player who was going to be our medic, but she is out of town for a week or so. I’m filling in for her. Medic has always been one of my good classes, but when she gets back I’ll probably end up being a class that fits the situation at hand. All the classes are useful, so I have a lot of options.
fps_andy: Demoman. COOL. AWESOME.
fps_noobkiller: Well I like Scout because he is fast. I like to run around the enemy and jump around him and then put two powerful blasts of shot into his chest, often killing him instantly. I like to hit-and-run because it is funny and because I am a scout, I can. I like the F.A.N. because it is useful for sneakin’ up and deliverin’ a swift death, but it also has a weakness at longer ranges. The scattergun is cool, too. I often forget how powerful it is.

Sean: What would you say was your strongest attribute?
fps_THEPWNER: I’d say my strongest attribute is killing the other team.
fps_HQRSE: Killing.
zzzdude: Evading things while keepin’ my team alive.
fps_andy: Blowing people up.
fps_noobkiller: Getting 3 or 4 kills in under a minute, and I was doing a good job of evadin’ enemy fires sometimes.

Sean: OK, what would you say was your weakness?
fps_THEPWNER: Well see, one of the problems we faced in our preseason match was with strategies. Skill wasn’t necessarily a problem, as when our team faced the other team in the warm-up we, did relatively well. But as a whole, I think our team just needs to work more on tactics and teamplay rather than practicing individual skill.
fps_HQRSE: Scouts.
zzzdude: Scouts.
fps_andy: Scouts. Oh, and often I was stuck fighting off their entire team single-handed.
fps_noobkiller: well sometimes I got too impatient and got myself killed rather quick. I didnt stick with my team mates as often as I’d like, either.

Sean: Would you say the loss was a good thing?
fps_THEPWNER: I think the loss gave us a perspective most of us haven’t seen before. Competitive play is much different than playing in a pub. Because of that loss, I think it was a good thing to learn the differences that there are in order to play well.
fps_HQRSE: It was pretty bad. We lost and we did not win.
zzzdude:It gave us a new view, and laid out our problems which we need to work on. It was only a preseason game, so it isn’t to much of a lost.
fps_andy: Ultimately, yes. We will face easier enemies in the long wrong.
fps_noobkiller: Not a good thing, but I think it was necessary to show us where we need to improve. I’m just glad we didn’t face a lower skilled clan when it didn’t matter and get us thinking  about how awesome we would be, when really we just got lucky.

Sean: What did you think of the opposing team?
fps_THEPWNER: The team we played was very sportsman-like, and did great. They obviously had greater strategy and tactics in their team which helped them succeed, and our match gave us a good idea on what needs to be improved for future matches.
fps_HQRSE: The other teams was really good.
zzzdude: Not what I was expecting. Their clan motto is something about how you shouldn’t overestimate things. We overestimated our skill level in the match, and that put us at a loss.
fps_andy: They were cool. They didn’t insult or say things like “lol i ownd u” or “lmao”.
fps_noobkiller: Weak when seperated, strong when together.

Sean: CEVO was nice enough to provide a Ventrilo server for you. What do you think about CEVO altogether?
fps_THEPWNER: I never used their vent server, but I think CEVO is pretty good from what I’ve seen so far.
fps_HQRSE: Very confusing.
zzzdude: Good intentions, but their website is annoying and their CMN3 thing crashes when you attempt to do stuff when it is not your next match’s time.
fps_andy: Cool.
fps_noobkiller: CEVO is cool. Nice to play competitvly. CEVO made it easy.

Sean: Wanna make any shout-outs to any of the readers?
zzzdude: http://hsd.tk/
fps_HQRSE: I am a hqrse.
fps_andy: Hi.
fps_noobkiller: Tell ’em to lock up their daughters, lock up ther wifez, lock up their back door and run for their lifez.

Sean: Thank you for your time.
fps_THEPWNER: Thanks Sean.
zzzdude: I wasted twice as much time as you.

*note: fps_JOLE was not available for the interview.At a later time, his thoughts may be posted.


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