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Soldier Update Predicitions pt3

Slot 2: backup

Before: Shotgun

The shotgun. Mandatory in nearly everyone’s inventory. A very useful weapon to pull out if you get stuck in a corner, or when you need to kill some baddies and you don’t have time to reload your rockets. A rather generic weapon identical to the pyro’s, engineer’s, and heavy’s shotgun.

A Rocket Launcer? How Intrusive!

After: T-Bone Steak

It fits the soldier. Just imagine, grabbing this lunchbox item and screaming, chomping into the raw fleshy meat, and then running out to kill some nazis. AAAAAAAAA[bits steak]AAAAARGH[bites fly out of mouth]! The obvious problem with a lunchbox item is that it isn’t offensive. The soldier needs the shotgun, its his only backup. But this steak, will it be worth it? For some players perhaps. This steak reduces damage taken, and increases rocket speed and melee speed. Perfect for someone who wants to make a surprise attack.

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One Response

  1. […] my Flower hat to their web servers. “What,” might you ask, “is that?” The T-Bone Steak that I had proposed for the soldier. Not only does the model match my sticky-note drawings of the steak, it also has a similar concept […]

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