What Really is Class?

A lot of people are having a hard time grasping this, and a lot of people don’t quite fully understand, although they speculate that they do comprehend what CLASS really means in TF2. I decided to take the liberty of writing a blog post for researching what class really should mean for the team fortress 2 community. Let’s start somewhere basic, such as the many definitions of Class, and put each line into tf2 terms:

Class n.
(This is our word we are defining)

  1. A set, collection, group, or configuration containing members regarded as having certain attributes or traits in common; a kind or category.
    It is a hat update. All the hat’s are related because they are hats. The hats are their own class.
  2. A division based on quality, rank, or grade, as:
    1. A grade of mail: a package sent third class.
      The update is a package, and it has the highest priority. And it is free to us. Totally relates here.
    2. A quality of accommodation on public transport: tourist class.
      The update is free to everyone. Everyone gets the update at the same time by the same means of electronic information transportation.
    1. A social stratum whose members share certain economic, social, or cultural characteristics: the lower-income classes.
      All the hats go to players with the most time in game. Only cool people have the hats.
    2. Social rank or caste, especially high rank.
      The hats do go to the highest rank of people, and they are also very rare.
    3. Informal. Elegance of style, taste, and manner: an actor with class.
      Need I say more?
  3. A level of academic development, as in an elementary or secondary school.
    This doesn’t apply. You don’t need a brain nor skill to have a hat. Just class.
    1. A group of students who are taught together because they have roughly the same level of academic development.
      Doesn’t apply here either!
    2. A group of students or alumni who have the same year of graduation.
      Well, all these hats are in the class of August of ’09, that could be considered related.
    3. A group of students who meet at a regularly scheduled time to study the same subject.
      More non-applicable information.
    4. The period during which such a group meets: had to stay after class.
      The hat’s are going to be updated in a segment of time… (I know, it’s a far stretch)
  4. Biology. A taxonomic category ranking below a phylum or division and above an order.
    Hat’s are living, symbiotic beings.
  5. Statistics. An interval in a frequency distribution.
    Haha, VALVE TIME!
  6. Linguistics. A group of words belonging to the same grammatical category that share a particular set of morphological properties, such as a set of inflections.
    Metaphor for hats?

Class in tf2 is unique. People who have class are determined by this algorithm:


All those variables matter.

So we looked at the english, and the math, behind TF2’s level of class, what about science?

Well know, I think we will save the experiments for when we have subjects to test on, ie; after the update.

*note: Sometimes wordpress cuts off images. Nothing I do can fix it. Deal with it.


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