Note: Soldier’s Medal

There’s talk about getting hit with a melee weapon while wearing your medal makes you lose your medal. Well, showing off my medal all day proves that I have not lost it to something as primitive as a baseball bat. However, I haven’t gotten hit with a shovel while wearing it. There is also talk of the talk that the people assuming that thought they got a second medal, but didn’t because of today’s update putting the medal in the backpack so you can actually see it. What if your backpack was full? Would you lose your medal? Be asked to delete something else? If you can lose your medal to a soldier, then it will probably be implemented into an achievement:

And here’s a question, what if you already have one? Would you get an achievement then? Oh, and like I said when I first found out about the medals; If every medal was unique, it would be much cooler. Like, a number assigned to each medal.



2 Responses

  1. You took the medal numbering idea from me :<

  2. They best roll out some more updates or nigerian n iggers will beat the above user to smitherians

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