Soldier Update Predicitions pt4

Now, before I begin, I would like you all to know that this prediction is not my official prediction. These are:
I might make a post guessing what they might do, but my assumptions on weapons should be taken with a grain of salt, I only claim my NEXT CLASS TO BE UPDATED IS… assumptions are right, which they are, always.

Slot 3: Melee

Before: Trench Shovel

A generic melee weapon. Same as every other class’ (excluding engineer and scout) melee weapon, other than cosmetics.

A Rocket Launcer? How Intrusive!

After: Snow Shovel

Yea, I know, a shovel. Not that different. But look at all the other melee weapons of classes! They all retain the same style of weapon. Baseball bat, fist, medical saw, axe. This shovel is sharper and square-er. This shovel creates a radius similiar to the rocket launcher, where it pushes people back, when you hit someone with it. Although it does deal less damage, and swing speed, it would meet well with the meat of part 3 of my prediction.

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  5. Part 5: Hats and other things

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