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Idling: Worth It?

Valve wants hats to be rare, something you see once in a blue moon. I remember back during goldrush’s release. You needed all the achievements to get the ubersaw. Us career medics at the time had quite a challenge obtaining those goals, legit and without achievement maps or unlockers. I was one of the first people to obtain an ubersaw legit, and man were people jealous. OH WOW THAT GUY HAS AN UBERSAW HE IS SO GOOD AT THIS GAME. Because I was good at the game. Then came along achievement maps, which totally ruined it. Now people had the weapons, at the cost of ruining their stats. Those people aren’t looked up too. They are below the average player. And then came the big update, where they allowed a lower number of achievements that must be obtained to get those weapons. And now, you get about 10 ubersaws a day when idling. Ubersaw means NOTHING. Everyone has one, unless you got tf2 last week. Hat’s are the new ubersaw, with people idling to get it. Robin Walker once replied to an email of mine, saying that the rate at which items dropped was the rate at which they wanted hats to be dropped, and that they would change it in the next update. They didn’t change it, in fact, they did the opposite. They increased the time needed for a hat. Why? Idle program came about, so they needed to combat that. Now they are trying to remove the idler from the game, and make those hats prestigious again. Once that is done, it wouldn’t surprise me if they increased the drop rate of hats, for the more casual player. YOU SHOULD ALL BE GLAD THAT THEY DONT REMOVE THE DROP RATE ALTOGETHER. Which they should until do until they fix all the problems.

tl;dr ubersaw to hats, and soon no class, if the idler continues.


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