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Honesty and Rewarding

Valve “Rewarded” players who were “honest”. YEA RIGHT.

Honesty implies something to be told, when 90% of the players never heard of it, they aren’t really honest. You can’t walk up to a random person on the street, that you know they didn’t steal your car, because you know who did it already, and you tell them THANKS FOR BEING HONEST, and reward them, does that really do anything? No. It doesn’t even make the person who stole your car feel bad. Who cares if they get some crappy hat. They did nothing to deserve it. But the fact that they are saying it is a REWARD is what pisses me off. Nothing in this case is a reward. They should have given the cheaters (myself included) something demoralizing for a month or so. Something to show the entire world that I apparently cheated.


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  1. u just mad cuz i get a hat n u dont lol

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