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New Faces

When zzzdude informed me there would be two new writers for ThreeFourt I was understandably angry. So angry, in fact, that I threw a tantrum and locked myself in my room and refused to leave. All I wanted to do was be a famous blog writer and he wasn’t letting me and that was unfair. He then tried to coax me out of there by offering to drive me to McDonalds to buy me a Happy Meal, but I was not going to be pursued that easily. He then told me of his plan to go to McDonalds alone and warned me the only Happy Meal being purchased would be for himself and I would only be receiving a small shake. I was broken.

On the way to McDonalds we had a good discussion. A real man-to-man chat. He shared his feelings about the future of the blog and how he wanted to see it grow and I shared my thoughts with him. I believe a great deal of reader support comes from having a small and dedicated writing team. Readers enjoy seeing familiar faces on the blog fontpage and find it easier to relate to a writer with whom they have read previous works of. In the same way one might find difficulty identifying with a larger corporation over a small Mom&Pop store, a larger writing team means more and more faces with which readers will have to identify with in order to have a satisfying blog experience.

While it’s true more writers will bring more articles and a larger reader base, how can we be sure the articles will be of sufficient quality? Many popular blogs are criticized for their lack of both journalistic integrity and quality of articles. How can we be sure our blog will not wander into the same pitfall?

I shared with zzzdude a concern of mine in which my strival for excellence would be hindered by these new, up and coming blog writers. Early in late 2006, I had made it a goal of mine to become a famous blog writer by December of 2013. I have slowly been progressing in the ranks and I see my goal being achieved. But just barely. New writers bring new names and will shroud my face. Before the new writers, I was 1/3 of this blog. People noticed me, noticed my articles and their high level of quality. With these new writers, I am now only 1/5 of the blog. A nobody, essentially. Despite this, I realize we can’t simply dump the new writers, both they and zzzdude have made commitments which simply can’t be reversed. I must say I will do anything in my power to make sure my progress is not damamged by these newcomers.

All points aside, I have made it a goal of mine to come to accept a larger blog. Having read some of both moo and andy’s work, I can assure you both are extremely skilled writers and will have much to bring to the blog. As we always have, we will continue to push our quality standards and continue being an active part of our reading community. We hope you come to accept these new writers as you have accepted zzzdude, peabnuts and I.

IN OTHER NEWS: NEW TF2 post in the works, look out for this one!!



One Response

  1. I think you should be more concerned with the quality of your posts, and less with the new people. Maybe they wanted people who managed to realize that there actually is a black person in TF2 (I mean seriously, have you even played the game). Also, why would you think strival is a word.

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