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Happy Belated Birthday ThreeFourt!

It has been one year, one month, 24 days, 23 hours, and 59 minutes since the first post on threefourt. We have tackled many obstacles:

  • Constantly explaining the meaning of our name, along with how it actually makes sense, to those lesser intelligent beings.
  • Gathering a fanbase which is both strong and loyal.
  • Gathering a fanbase which hates our ideals and our opinions, and then rubbing in their face about how they are supportive facts and not measly rickety opinions.
  • Produce many lists describing TF2 players, Valve games, and many more.
  • Attracting authors from around the globe to help produce this blog.
  • Provide over 100 posts to our readers.
  • Be recognized by Valve themselves.
  • Have a rival blog ever since the initial start of Threefourt.
  • Prove ourselves and pull ourselves from the status of “The Underdog” to “The Champion”.
  • Have emotional debacles between our writers.
  • Donated $100 USD to charities.
  • Recieved $100 USD from charities.
  • And continue to please our fans.

I’m sorry I didn’t realize all that we have accomplished before. From hereon, August 20th is ThreeFourt day, and we will celebrate all that we have accomplished, and get in touch with our fans and discuss the past year.

Thanks for sticking through guys,



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