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Valve: A THEIF!?

Recently there was a TF2 update featuring halloween style hats. One of which was a PAPER BAG. Yea, that’s right. Valve made a model of something I already did. SOUND FAMILIAR? Earlier Mister Royzo had made a bonk! helmet hat for tf2, only for valve to steal that as well. Ok, well, they didn’t steal it because they were working on it while it was being developed by Royzo. Purely coincidental. HOWEVER Valve did see my hat before their developement. We all know that Valve had tried to purchase the entire mod emporium models from Daimao, only to find out it was a group collaboration from many aspiring artists, including myself. My paper bag hat was in that thread, in the FUCKING FIRST POST before they had tried to buy them out. Valve saw my hat.

Anyway, they took my idea and improved it, and claimed it as their own.

Here’s an email!

From: zzzdude@gmail.com
Sent: Saturday, October 31, 2009 at 8:06 PM
To: Gabe Newell
Subject: Paper Bag TF2 Hat

A while back I was a member in the Mod Emporium for modeling hat’s in tf2. One of my first early hats was a paperbag over the spy’s head. I was heavily disappointed that people at Valve had taken my idea, improved it, and claimed it as their own.

My paper bag hat along with other hat mods I have made can be found here: https://threefourt.wordpress.com/mods/

From: Robin Walker
Sent: Monday, November 2, 2009 at 10:45 AM
To: zzzdude@gmail.com
Subject: RE: Paper Bag TF2 Hat

Hi Luigi.

We hadn’t seen your hats, actually. If you look back over the blog posts & updates we’ve done in the time we’ve worked on TF2, you can see that we’re always happy to give credit to fan creations any time they inspire us, or to buy the content off the fans directly. Unfortunately, there are so many people working on neat TF2 content that anytime we build anything it’s often close to something that someone has already built. Great minds think alike, perhaps?

A great example of this was the Scout’s helmet with the two cans of Bonk! on it. We were very happy with ourselves when we came up with it, and were then horrified when we saw that Daimao had also built an almost identical hat. From the outside, it seems like a heck of a coincidence, but I think it’s just a reflection of the way that the TF2 art style & the TF2 characters are strong enough that multiple people designing things on them often converge on the same idea. It’s great to see that fans understand the art direction well enough to build the same things that we’d like to build.



2 Responses

  1. I had no idea that Gabe “Robin” Newell was such a bald faced liar.

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