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Alright, let’s start out observing what is here.
Oh, there’s a nice waterfall that spans four or five levels. That could be fun to mess with.

It's a waterfall.


We have five pages of Carp and other fish. Better be careful.

Carp Carp Carp Carp Carp

Carp Carp Carp Carp Carp

Our caravan also brought a camel, but I don’t remember asking for one.
First things first, tell everyone to start moving their stuff to a suitable location, disassemble the caravan, chop some trees, and start digging.
Well, we are stuck in the north-eastern section of the map, away from the waterfall, and restricted to a small portion. I decide we either need to dig under the rivers, or wait and build a bridge.

Oh wonderful, we can’t dig any deaper than 1 tile from the fortress entrance. The floors flood immediately because it’s all damp soil. I guess I’ll have the miners dig around and away from the river until we find some solid dirt.

Some water from an aquifer.

Nope, more water. It’s hopeless digging deep here. We’ll have to go through the river. Luckily, the river is in a canyon, so we don’t need to build a bridge on the surface.
I decided to build some emptiness in front of our fort to help constrict any future sieges. Water filled up our giant pit, and I decided to build a bridge for added security to this mudhole of a fortress.

A second will be up later.

Still digging away from the rivers, but I have not found stone. The attempts at digging deep have thus far failed as well.
At least my dwarves won’t starve nor thirst. I hope the caravan arrives soon. We are running low on stone. Typically I request an anvil this time of year, but with all this mud it would be rather useless. The caravan arrives, but has no useful items. I tell them we need stone, stone, and stone.

So far nothing spectacular has happened. Our main problems are that we have no stone, the ground is highly saturated, and there is a bunch of carp in the rivers. As long as we don’t get any fisherdwarves we should be fine on the carp part, but our other two problems cannot be solved outside of trade. Luckily our pit automatically filled with water, so now we have a nice moat.

Going through the winter isn’t going to be much of a problem. We have plenty of dimple cups and plump helmets. Let’s just hope the water freezes over…
Holy Carp!
A single wolf killed our dog. It look’s like the dog had exploded. Parts of dog meat and blood is everywhere. Oh well. At least we got some puppies before that happened.
A dog's head.
I expanded our exploratory search for anything resembling stone. We dug quite far, and still nothing but dirt, clay, mud, and loam.
Nothing much else has happened this year. Got some Fortress basics built, but ultimately, the year is over.

Here’s the save. I used 40d16 for it, so you will probably need that again. See my previous post for details. Extract to your dwarf fortress folder/data/save.


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