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Strike the Earth!

We are going to embark near Potblighted, the Meteors of Cleansing. A small stream east of The Craft of Adventures. There is little rock, and plenty of dangers, but there is a tale of a magma pipe somewhere in the bowels. Starting farms will be easy in this land, but there is little stone.

We have been issued seven dwarves.

Fath Rakustshis and Zuglar Eggutmörul, both proficient miners and novice swimmers.
Kivish Râlukbomrek, our woodworker.
Oddom Inodaran, grower and herbalist.
Kol Asmeldastot will be managing meals, drinks, and will also farm.
Ingish Kírarkeskal is our Architect/Mason/Mechanic
And finally, Tun Urvadkobel, who was an engraver who had quite the people-skills needed for future liaison meetings and trades.

Here is what we are bringing along.

Okay, time to Embark!

A new chapter of Dwarven history begins here at this place, BESMARSTORLUT, “PULLEYDIMPLES”.



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