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Threefourt’s Community Fortress of Dwarves

Hi we at Threefourt are going to do a community fortress in Dwarf Fortress. Toady One is making this game nearly entirely by himself, and I would suggest that everyone support him. The current stable release will be called “40d”, but we will be using “40d16” or newer. I have generated an entire world already, and plan on embarking shortly to our dwarven adventures. After playing the game for an entire year (game time), I will pass it on to someone else. Before I do that, I will document all that occurs during the one-year span. The following person will do the same. After their year expires, they will pass it on to someone else to do the same thing we did, and so on. It will continue until all of the fortress’ occupants dies, or until noone wants to play, or when there’s a newer release that will not allow the save file to continue.

I will be using the “Zaratustra_16x16.png” tileset, found here.

Here’s what our world looks like:

Elathu Adela


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