War Update pt1

This is probably going to be the fastest time between updates. Directly after, or included, in this upcoming War Update, should be a “Holiday” update. Christmas. Oh man I can imagine a billion hats already. Elf ears, Santa’s hat, antlers, scarf, that jewish hat, and that black person holiday might have a hat associated with it. Oh, and maybe a halo ’cause angels are associated with christmas and that’s what they were. There is so much potential for this Chanukah update! But enough about Christmas and such.
The War Update is what I am talking about today. Exactly as I predicted, the soldier and the demoman are sharing an update together. No CONTENT has been announced for this update other than 6 new weapons, AND A MYSTERY WEAPON! This mystery weapon, weapon #7, can apparently be used by both classes. What I mean by this is that depending on the community, one of the two classes will get this magical weapon, and the other will not. How will it be determined which explosive man deserves the weapon? By kill count. A global kill count. Everytime a soldier kills a demoman, the count goes up by 1 for the soldier, and vice versa.
Kind of lame if you ask me. Both classes are great, but a lot of people favour the soldier, especially the new players. Not to mention the community full of unskilled people claiming the demoman get’s a lot of kills. The truth is, the demoman can net more points, but it is very hard to do so. You have to compensate for gravity, you walk slow, you rarely get a medic-buddy, you have less health, and you have no real gun! However, once you learn how to play the demoman properly, which can take quite some time to perfect, then you can easily top the soldier’s kill count. Hence why you see more career demos than regular demos at all.

Well, in about 5 hours we should have some CONTENT for this update.


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