Katamari 3. Same idea, new console.

Look at me mum! I'm touching balls in the desert!

Katamari Forever is the third game in this strange series. It involves rolling a sticky ball around really dirty houses and cities to get the ball big enough to make your giant father happy enough to throw it in the air and make it a star. Which makes this game and all previous games very very amazing and enjoyable. As I was rolling around this filthy house all the toy knifes and the 1 yen coins all over the floor reminded me of my house and how I really lack the motor skills and mental capacity to pick things up from the floor.
In the first 2 games your giant overly flamboyant father was actually some sort of biological creature, but in this game for some reason he is a robot with a very robotic personality. I really doubt you will be getting attached to this robot anytime soon. I also do not like all the weird graphical styles. Everything looks like it has been drawn with a crayon or all black and whited out. Sure it might have been cool on paper but all the great colours that made the older games much more fun and enjoyable are only in a few levels.
But if you really like the concept of Katamari you will be glad to know that it’s basically the same. But in some levels you might have to carry water to un-dry the desert. Which is pretty interesting once you start seeing animals return.
All in all. The game is basically just the same as the other ones. Just in nice 1080p resolution.

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  1. I will buy 3 copies thanks to your review!

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