Call of Duty: MW2? More like Call of DOODY

Modern GAYfare 2. Who the hell would even want to install this game, let alone play it? There are so many flaws with this pile of garbage, that I want to do something so drastic it would hurt the developers, players, and everyone else’s feelings

Let’s start with something basic. This game is not realistic. How many bullets do you take before dieing? Too many. How does it look when you get shot? You stumble for a second, cry out in pain, then stand back at attention like the pussy you are. In reality, we do this thing called writhe. A bullet fucking hurts. We start limping when we walk. Maybe if you played a real game you would realize that this is something disappointing. No new games should be without this touch of realism. Look at Valve, AT LEAST two of their games let’s you limp around when you are low on health.
Localized game hosting? Are you kidding me? Dedicated servers are the backbone to any good online game. Just ask Gabe Newell. All his games have servers, even Half-Life 2: Episode 1, and that is probably the least played source engine game next to Blind Monk’s Society. With CoD:MW2’s current system, the game is only as good as the weakest link. Say Good bye if you live in the Oceanic region, cause you are going to be shit out of luck for staying in a game.

Do we really want our children running around with the enemy's flag?

Canada is not worthy.

Oh, and if the lack of Dedication (pun) isn’t enough, we have a god awful player fanbase. You have your xbox NERDS playing. That means everyone is going to think they are so cool and use some picture (of the default ones available) representing what looks like a maple leaf. Last I checked, Canada isn’t cool. Did you know Canada is communist? Yea, if you set your picture to that godawful image, you should be shot for acts of treason against the US of A. Wave a goddamn [American] flag for once in your life and maybe I wouldn’t be so pissed off.

And I haven’t even mentioned The Airport level! For those who don’t know, the airport is a level in which you work for America, by pretending to be Russian. You go undercover to get information from a famous terrorist. You become the terrorist’s right-hand man. You then go undercover again with this terrorist. You are now a double agent who goes around killing a bunch of innocent people in a Moscow airport. How awful is that? You are killing hundreds of innocent people, FOR AMERICA. Not only that, but you have the perfect time to incapacitate your team, and get the answers you want. Part of the game is to kill everyone. Sorry, but I play by the Geneva Conventions in my video games. Did I mention that this shooting is a catalyst for another Cold War? How fucked up is that.
Now if you still think your game is good, then shame on you. You are the least American person I know, and you don’t deserve to own a computer.


11 Responses

  1. Wow stop complaining.

  2. absolutely terrible review. 4/10

  3. Haters gonna hate!

    They’re just jealous, zzzdude! Keep up the good work.

  4. Stop goddamn hating on canada, also how would it be the perfect time to incacipate your team in the airport level? You’re surrounded by about 5 Russians wearing body armour with machine guns. If you started shooting one of them, you would be under machine gun fire at close range in milliseconds. Also, you can’t hate on a game because it isn’t realistic. Unreal Tournament 3 isnt realistic. Team Fortress 2 isnt realistic.Counter Strike isnt realistic, but theyre all good games.

  5. > suggesting UT3 is a good game

    you’re dumb

  6. lol moo thinking he knows stuff

  7. I was just informed that it is not in-fact a canadian maple leaf, but rather a marijuana leaf. Please forgive me for my error.

  8. Review? More like Peeyew. you blew. Take your ritalin and calm your shit down, Spasimodo.

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  11. This game deserves to be pissed all over. it is trash. i might think it is decent except for all the faggots who play it are 100000000% gay. and genius inFAGy ward thought that making all the guns 3 trillion times weaker was a good idea. IT WASNT

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