Some New Things

You might notice a few more changes to threefourt.

We have cleaned up some useless stuff in the sidebars for starters, now there is only one search bar instead of 3. I removed writer’s blog posts from their listing on the right hand side and upped the size of peoples pictures. I’m actually changing the QOTD. There is a new JOBS page for those who want to contribute to our wondrous site.

We now have a TEMPORARY STEAM GROUP with more than 100 members! There’s also an official twitter, but that was made probably 5 minutes ago, so not much hits for that yet. Then again, who would want to follow a twitter about a blog when they can just follow the blog itself in an RSS feed?

There is now That’s right, a domain! I think also works, haven’t checked.

On my to-do list is add custom CSS (wider page width!), but I would like to get a hold of someone who can manage that for me.

Now that that is all settled, I’m going to be gone for christmas break. I may or may not have access to internet, but since we have a bunch of new members you shouldn’t have to worry about lack of content.


2 Responses

  1. I think I speak for all commenters when I say: “I can’t wait!”

  2. I’ll get a new review up soon. :)

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