Pirates And What They Do To The Little Guy.

The other day I was browsing Newgrounds looking for a small amount of time-wastage and fun, I then came over a literal diamond in the rough, VVVVV, I played it and found out that it’s still in beta. I then came over a horrible realization. One of the (best if I say so) indie game developers had announced this game over three or two months ago and he had declared that it will be a labor of love on his part and that we would get to enjoy it for a measly 5 or 10 US dollars. I then found out that it had been leaked onto 4chan, and subsequently onto Newgrounds.
To say the least I was deeply saddened.
While pirating is does not take 1% of a major game publisher’s profit, its taken too seriously and is blown out of proportion, however, its devastating for indie devs since the profit they gain off their creations is relatively low for the time that goes into it. VVVVV is a prime example of this. there are around 140 people who have actually pre-ordered the game, but many thousands of channers and newgrounders have played it.
Which brings me to this point. A small time indie game that you are expected to pay for is more likely to be pirated than any other type of game. Most people do not understand the amount of work that goes into making those games and see them as nothing more than mindless fun that doesn’t deserve a price. That saddens me, and many devs, to no end. But on the bright side, the advent of Xbox Live Indie corner, PSN and the Wii store means that the games will get the publicity and the recognition they need, games like Cave story and Iji need to be let out into the light. Search them, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.
That being said, I like believe that most people would want to have these indie devs create the next big video game than some mindless idiots who copy big-name titles, but that wouldn’t happen if their hopes and dreams keep getting crushed, would it?
Links to prominent sites in the Indie game scene:
-www.Distractionware.com (the dev for VVVVV)
-www.Ludumdare.com (game making competition site, many great games)
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  1. Paying for a flash game?? AHAHAHHAHAGAHA

    Good article tho, lots of points and things.

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