WAR Updates, Meet the Pyro conspiracy theory and MORE

People going crazy on the forums, chaos in the servers and engineers crying in a corner….smells like the WAR update is in full swing!

Hi! I’m SpaZ, one of the newest bloggers here. I like short walks near the beach and dinner lit candles.

It seems that this update has got everyone’s underwear in a twist, and appears to be the most popular one to date. So far, we have the demo still SLIGHTLY behind the Soldier, the 1st set of weapons announced for the Demo, and rumors of the Meet the Pyro video(Post seen here http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=861901 ) about to go live tonight.

But do you know who I really feel sorry for? People with low level systems, and the Engineers.

With the Engineer, not only does he have to watch out for the spy, but now he’s been bombarded with explosions that take down his carefully built equipment, sometimes within moments. And most people are too concerned with killing a soldier, or not healing a demoman, to notice the helpless cry of the engineer.

And for you TF2 players with a low budget, you’re almost screwed harder than an Engi defending a dispenser on the 1st point of cp_dustbowl. With solly and demo duking it out, this has caused a drastic increase of particles, sprites and explosions that cause low FPS issues on screen and fill their little gamer hearts with rage.

As for myself, I’ve joined the demo’s cause, gleaming with joy with every “DING!” of the kill counter.

-SpaZ(R.I.P. Engineer, 12/15/09)

Credit to i^rabbit for the image. His steam page= http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197965949295


2 Responses

  1. You know what the best part about updates is? Playing my favorite class against hoardes of noobs. Back when it was the Scout update, I played Pyro and just roasted cats on a pub. Now, I corner sollys and demos that can’t aim with my FaN and, well…

    I’m gonna headbutt cha’, I’m gonna headbutt cha’, I’m gonna headbutt cha’!

  2. Valve never fails to disappoint, it seems. No Meet the Pyro video tonight, which is disheartening. Although I must say, they impressed me by creating a weapon for the soldier that will actually improve competitive play, but is still very useful in pubs.

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