Whoever wins, Engi loses.

Poor Engi.

You all saw it coming, right?

When I saw the Direct Hit update, I almost screamed to myself: “There goes playing Engineer”. Why? Let me explain what will happen to the poor engi’s when this update is online:

1. It will be impossible to build a sentry without a Demoman destroying it or a Soldier destroying it. Engineer will be an un-playable class.

2. Even if you get to play Engineer, the Direct Hit will remove all the hope of destroying any Soldier or Demoman. Stay in a open spot and a Soldier can just duck and keep shooting rockets with his Direct Hit. BAM.

3. Even if you survive the Direct Hit, there will be a massive spam of Engineers even before the Engineer Update. Why? With most people failing to attack agains the two classes, they will become Engineers so they can build sentries and get more points. A massive Engineer spam.

4. Lets suppose that theres no one playing Engi on your team. So you become an Engi and make a well positioned sentry and a dispenser that oughta help your team. You’re being attacked. A soldier passes. You ask for help. He answers: “no can do nub gotta get upgrade”. Same for the Demoman. Most classes will be ignored.

5. If we get back to the get-achievement-get-weapon, most players will simply ignore the other classes and try to get their new weapons. Therefore, Engineers with their dispensers and Medics will be left for dead if theres a Demoman that can be killed.

I think I am repeating myself, but I’ll just resume this in one word, like a true Engineer and Science Master would do. With all my intelligence, I present to you the Demoman vs Soldier update in the eyes of an Engineer, only in one phrase:



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