What Valve can learn from the east.

Hi there! ^_^

If you’re a new visitor then let me welcome you to Three Fourt, one of the best gaming communities this side of 2ch. If you’re a regular, then let me introduce myself as a brand new writer brought on the team! I’ll be doing my best to cover topics about gaming, popular culture, and how they intersect… WITH JAPAN!~

Now that the introductions are out of the way, lets move on to my first article. I hope you enjoy it! ^_~

If you’re reading this page, you’re probably a fan of Team Fortress 2, and while TF2 IS a pretty okay game, Korean developer “TRIFORCE STUDIO” has shown that Valve could have done a lot better. HAVE Online, Triforce’s game has a number of marked improvements, from graphics, to gameplay, and various other consumer level qualities.

You can watch the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvaQbntJ4Yw

Please do before you read further, you really owe it to yourself to witness what might have been (and what is, in North Korea), had TF2 been in more capable hands.

Done? Good! Now lets get started~

The most obvious improvement to this game over TF2 is the graphical style. While TF2 has a very masculine, and overall just ugly graphical style, HAVE Online is full of kawaii (That’s Japanese for cute, remember it!) girl action figures with various cute (kawaii in Japanese) outfits. What’s more, these outfits are actually CUSTOMIZABLE! Yes, you can actually choose hair styles and the color and style and even mix and match different parts of the various outfits to make a truly unique (and very kawaii) character all of your own. If you want more variety, the game also has a built in item store. Unlike TF2’s very stupid random item drop system, if you want to get a new skirt or pair of stockings, it’s just a few clicks away in the item mall! No “luck” or achievements or wasting time using weapons you don’t like!

Now, that alone makes this game an easy 8 or a 9, but things just keep getting better! Unlike TF2’s poor interface and camera system, HAVE Online is in 3rd person. This not only gives you a better sense of what’s around you, but allows you to see your character, so you can really show off those kawaii heels you just bought online! The HUD is also much improved. Instead of the hard to see weapons list that TF2 has, while switching weapons, HAVE Online shows a large, fully graphical list of weapons on the right half of your screen while you swap. No more squinting at the top corner of your screen and getting killed, your weapons are right there in front of you. The right side of the screen will also sometimes show you videos of what keys you are pressing to jump and do other things which is very useful for new players, as well as those with memory loss.

Level design is also much better. If you’ve played a lot of games, like I have, you’ll notice that EVERY game that allows modding always has giant bedroom/bathroom/etc levels modded in. This simply fits with the mentality players have with games. It’s a competition, but you all know it’s not real, so being in a giant bedroom gives you a “fun” atmosphere while also being a bit more grounded in reality, since chances are you’re playing the game in a room of some sort. I’ve seen mods like this in almost every game, Quake, Doom, Warcraft, Unreal Tournament, this list goes on! I know I’ve spent many a night sniping marines from the safety of a bookcase in Call of Duty 4: Modern Wellfare. Unlike all these other games, where this type of level has to be modded in, Triforce Studios actually LISTENED to their fans. All the levels in HAVE take place in bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and other familiar locales.

In conclusion, while I can’t give HAVE a perfect score (the announcer is kind of annoying) I give this game a 9.8 out of 10. It’s not only a great game, but it should serve as a beacon for western developers like Valve that they need to hire new, better artists who can capture the elegance and beauty of the anime style.


14 Responses

  1. It was pretty obvious that this post was going to favor HAVE when I saw your name.
    And HAVE doesn’t has TF2 comedy.

  2. wtf is wrong with you they totally took tf2 and ripped it off

    • Maybe if you had actually READ my post you’d realize that I KNOW TF2 came first. HAVE just greatly improved upon the formula. Do you think no one should ever write fantasy books ever because they’ed be “Ripping off” Lord of the Rings. Should no one ever create student-teacher romances because Kodomo no Jikan did it first? Don’t be ridiculous.

  3. I like japan, too.

  4. No.


  6. funny article i liked it

  7. Wow I was just linked to and semi-interested in this blog but thanks to this post i’ma turn around now

  8. Wow.You went on a mostly TF2 fan blog and took a shit on TF2.

    Are you a troll or retarded?

  9. What the Christ.
    They took all that’s good from TF2 and ripped it out, filled in the gaps with anime, and then took a huge dump on it.
    Valve has great artist and do not need the creators of HAVE screwing up their company.


  11. I seriously cannot even believe how stupid the writer is here…
    Not only does he make a post bashing TF2 and praising some animé knockoff that doesn’t even keep with the fantastic gameplay elements and personality Valve has created for the title on a TF2 blog, one predominantly read by animé hating facepunchers, to boot.

    Never in my gameplay experience have I seen a balanced tiny map, and I think you should get back to instant spawn 2fort with touhou fortress 2 mods from whence you came.

    Not everyone wants to play a pre-pubescent japanese girl, mmk?

  12. “‘Call of Duty 4: Modern Wellfare’

    Lol, this guy manages to frame the attitude of a “hard-core anime fan” and show how silly it is. The satire, I think, is just heavy enough to get the point across in all the right areas, but not hit-you-over-the-head-with-a-two-by-four type.

    I like this new guy. Also have you thought about Fanfiction Fridays?”

    is what I said on Facepunch. You may have to have a disclaimer before this entire thing to say that you are not serious, because they ARE NOT GETTING IT. Quit thinking s/he’s serious and enjoy the joke.

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