Team Fortress 2: The Ride (Part 2)

Since lots of people liked the TF2 ride concept, I decided to share the other ideas for the ride here. Let’s begin:

Facade and Entrance:

Its the entrance of the ride, and we want to show the guests that you have 2 versions of the ride. As an example, I am using this image of the entrance of a ride based on the Monsters Inc movie by Pixar. This attraction is located at Disney’s California Adventure on the Disneyland Resort. Let’s imagine this- you have two sides. One side is RED and the other is BLU. Each side has its characteristics (one is made of wood and the other of concrete), just like the actual forts from 2fort. If you want to ride the RED version, take the entrance on the RED side. If you want to ride the BLU version, take the entrance on the BLU side.


During the queue, we want to keep the guests entertrained while they want to go to the pre-show room and the load area. To do that, we will adopt the concept that the Simpsons Rie at the Universal Studios parks use: screens all over the queue that shows the characters from the famous show. So in the TF2 ride, there will be special areas themed to a certain area of the base where you can hear some sound files. And the screens will be presenting skits with the TF2 characters. Since comedy is an important part of the game, we want the people on the queue to laugh and don’t notic ethat they are in fact, waiting to ride.


Here’s a blueprint concept for the ride building:

I changed the concept for the ride. If you are a single rider, you get the RED version. Families go to the BLU version. That is why RED has a shorter line. Also, you can notice the Soldier Animatronic. Well, he is appearing before you enter the final sequence (intel room). The final sequence is where you get to make a chance: turn around and shoot the targets or shoot the enemy team so they can’t get more points. The big orange lines on the end are the screens in which soldier appears to tell if you win or if you lose. If you are asking yourself: Why BLU has a longer track? Well, RED will go slower on their track, however the targets worth more points will be far away. BLU will go faster on their track and the targets worth more points will be next to the track. So in the RED version you’ll have to be a Sniper, and on the BLU version, a Scout. Well, kinda.

Stay tuned for Part 3, where I present the new pre-show script, logo for the ride, and much more. Part 3 will be the final part on the TF2 Ride series. See ya!

This article was written by Stratofarius. If you like this article about theme parks and their rides, check out Stratoblog, where Stratofarius discuss about the Disney Parks & Resorts.


2 Responses

  1. This reminds me very much of the Men In Black ride at Universal Studios. I would ride the TF2 ride over and over and over. I pretty much already do just by playing the game.

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