Merry X-Mas

For Threefourt’s second Christmas, zzzdude commissioned another Christmas drawing from me so here it is:

Jesus chrsit

If you want to make it into a wallpaper, you can resize it in pretty much any image editing program, just make sure it’s set to “Bicubic Resize” because that’s the best quality.

Let’s not forget that Christmas is just not about presence, it’s about the birth of Jesus who came to earth on this very day 2,009 years ago.

I hope you all have had a very wonderful Christmas!


5 Responses

  1. extraordinary art!
    I love it, absolutely!

  2. the eyes on the snowman are way to small but otherwise it’s good

  3. Actually, Jesus was born sometime around March, that’s when the census was being taken. We just choose to celebrate his birth on December 25th. Just a fun fact for ya.

  4. […] If you like doodling, modeling, mapping, or any other sort of hippy outlook considered to be art, you can easily dedicate a piece of fanart to ThreeFourt, and we will most definitely showcase it in such a way that shows your true skill. Don’t ever feel like you are not worthy to draw for us though, we accept anything and everything. […]

  5. I take offense to that, what about Hanukkah? you racest

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