Team Fortress 2: The Ride (Part 3)

Today I present to you the last part of the Team Fortress 2: The Ride series.

Official Description:

You open your map and you see a totally new ride. The big BLU and RED facade screams “look at me”. You decide to look at the description:

“Come join the fun, maggot! In this new attraction inspired by Valve’s game, Team Fortress 2, take the role as a recruit in one of the companies of TF Industries as you try to complete a training mission- and blow up your enemy in the meantime. Featuring two totally different versions, Team Fortress 2: The Ride, is an one-of-a-kind experience. Come and see if you’re up for the challenge.”

Official Logo:

Grand Opening:

The guests are outside the building, looking at a dark facade. Some sounds then can be heard:

Medic: Alright everyone! Listen up, ze dont vant any of you dumbkofs ruining zhis special day!

Heavy: Vhat is it Doctor? Sandvich eating day?

Demoman: Ach, as long as me has me scrumpeh, it should be fine.

Soldier: You maggots! It is the opening of our theme park ride!

Sniper: Howly doodley, how much money can the TF Industries take out of those bloody guests?


Spy: *cleans his throat* Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to ze opening of our newest ride. Please, do not try to kill anyone while trying to get in.

Pyro: Mhmhmhmhmhmhmh!

Spy: What is it, Pyro?

Pyro: Mhmhmhmhmhmm! MHHHHHHHHMMMMMM!

Spy: Pyro, never talk to me like zhat! Because I can’t understand it.

Engineer: You spies are so dumb, eh?

Spy: Ah, laborer.

Engineer: What was Pyro trying to say is OH MY GOD HEAVY HAS THE OPENING DEVICE SWITCH!

Spy: Heavy has the what? Noooooooooooooooooooo!

*a click can be heard and fireworks go off, lightning the facade*

Medic: Heavy! You idiot!

Heavy: Vill this affect our relationship Doktor?


Soldier: Move it you guest maggots! To the ride! On the double!


I wanna thank all of you readers for watching the Team Fortress 2: The Ride series. It has been a really fun time writing about a ride based on my favorite multiplayer game. However, I wanna take this concept a step further.

GMod is a modification based on Valve’s Source Engine. You can buy it for 10 dollars and its a pretty fun mod. I thought that the TF2: Ride concept could see a future in this game. So thats why I want you to help take the TF2: The Ride project ahead. I want you to join our Steam group and tell me what can we improve on the concept to take it to GMod Mappers.

So, go ahead, maggots! Join our group!

We will be having brainstorming sessions. If you know a mapper or a modeler that can help us on our project, tell him about our group. Our aim: get a map version of the TF2 ride and then have a massive opening and dedication ceremony.

I want to thank you all for reading the series. I hope to bring more of this unique articles to you guys. Have a great new year and keep… team fortressing!

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  1. This series was really cool. I hope you do the map based on it.


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