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CoD:MW2 Is even worser.

This game has been put even lower in my book. After my long rant about how the game has no class, originality, realism, or fun; I found out that the game is even lower. Benn Jordan (A.K.A. The Flashbulb A.K.A. Acidwolf A.K.A. FlexE A.K.A. Human Action Network) has delayed his next release by an ENTIRE MONTH due to this dreadful game. He was so depressed by how pathetic this game really is, and decided to hurt his fans for it. After all, most of his fans are audiophiles, and by extension, gamers.
Oh, and another thing about this god-awful game: YOU CAN ONLY PLAY SOME CAMPAIGNS IN COOP. THAT MEANS YOU CAN NOT DO IT IN SINGLE PLAYER. Seriously, this game is the worst thing next to…
Er, actually, I can’t think of anything nearly as bad as this.


2 Responses

  1. Worser? You expect to run a website with that kinda of grammar?

  2. You appear to be quite aggravated

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