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Sneaky Gentlemen of Stealth

Id like to dedicate this post to a certain backstabbing rogue.
The Spy.

I really cant find anything more thrilling than sneaking into enemy’s base and murdering them when their backs are turned. There is really no sneaking game that can compare with playing as the spy. Not Metal Gear, not Splinter Cell or many hundreds of games with forced sneaking missions. Not even Assassins Creed 1/2 (Though Thief comes close at times.). Im here to discuss the finesse of playing as the spy. So listen up, Boy:


The biggest skill a person playing spy can have is a quick mind and an even quicker reflex. When playing as the spy you have to analyse the battlefield on the fly, find your target(s) and strike accordingly. This is made easier since disguising shows you the health of your enemies. look at which classes are leaving the active battle-site with low health or classes that are solitary and distracted. one to two shots of your revolver and they will be down and out. See which people are giving your team the hardest time and take them out, any person who is holding back your team from advancing effectively becomes a class-one target (class-two if he has a medic, the medic is a class-one target at all times if he exists in an area). Continually analyze the playing field, and always act with surgical precision.

The little “Pea-Shooter”

The one mistake most spies make when disguised is they never have their revolver out, its more useful than they think. With it, you can fake reloads and surprise your enemies.Get a feeling for how much damage your two revolvers can do at range and attack accordingly. An example: A soldier with low health (You estimate around 20-40 HP) is running towards a med-pack and hasn’t seen you, you are slightly faraway and cannot go in for a back-stab before he takes the med-pack, but you can close the distance slightly. Solution: Close in the distance and shoot, A close range revolver shot does around 55-60 damage, shorter range does about 30-40. enough to kill a lighter than heavy class at critical health. Its also a good weapon to fall back on when you mess up.

The Knife, A.K.A: The Pig-Sticker.

The knife is the basic weapon that you all probably know by now, You know that a normal swing does as much damage as one hit of a scout bat, you know that its just as fast as the other normal melee weapons and you know that it kills instantly if it touches a person’s back (or face). Again, Dont underestimate it when it comes to close-quarters-Combat. A light class taken by surprise can be taken down in four hits of your knife, provided your are quick, reflexive and smart. you may even bait them towards hazards since a spy is in the enemies eyes a prominent and immediate threat. provided you survive you may bait them to all kinds of things, fellow teammates, a sentry or even a place where you can backstab them easily. A common mistake is to go for open areas where the other classes have an advantage.


I hope that with this wall of text i have helped you understand some of the finer points of playing spy. I bid you all Adieu, and watch your back for other spies.


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